Dear sports lover, health freak, fitness junkie, food guru, lifestyle designer,

With these pages I share my passion for sports and everything related to this with you. By being on the road in the corporate world, while at the same time wanting to be fit and also enjoying the good Amsterdam life, I can share experiences and tips that you can relate to.

Before I forget...some phrases about my background: After spending my early years in the city of Deventer and studying Economics in Rotterdam, I'm currently living in A'dam.

In all these years doing sports has been the backbone of my life, and it all started when my father brought me (eight years old) to my first field soccer training session. I continued playing soccer through high school and in parallel earned a brown belt in Aikido (martial arts). Hereafter, when I started my studies in Rotterdam, I joined a college rowing association. In this last period of time I also discovered running as I wanted to have a flexible option to work on my endurance. Nowadays I'm combining my experiences of the past to come to a weekly sports schema that consists of soccer, fitness and running.

Touch heaven,




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